Serious crimes in Kamenskoye: “dismemberment”, stealing hamster Deputy and “theft” of Roma people

Тяжкие преступления в Каменском: "расчлененка", кража хомяка депутатом и "похищения" людей ромами

Violent crimes committed on the territory of our city in 2018, and their detection today told representatives of local media head Kamensky police Department Sergey Lukashov.

To serious crimes include murder, grievous bodily harm, rape, burglary with entry, robbery, robbery, drugs and weapons, illegal seizure of vehicles, kidnapping. Last year in Kamenskoye there have been 11 homicides, all of them are opened, said Sergey Lukashov. The most notorious among them is the dismemberment of a woman whose limbs were found on the street Vokzalna in April last year. At first glance, even hard to understand who owns these limbs – the man or the woman, as they were already decomposing. However, as a result of investigative activities of the police managed to establish the identity of the Comenius “Jack the Ripper”, and this helped a surveillance camera, said Lukashov. One of the cameras recorded the communication with the murdered man before the tragedy. It identified the girlfriend of the victim, and the ball began to unravel.

Another tough thing last year was the murder of a man in Romankovo, whose body was found in a ditch near the dead end of tram line 4, as well as the murder of a taxi driver with a disability.

Crimes with the qualification of “serious bodily” are divided into two types: those which resulted in death of the victim, and no deaths. First in 2018, our city was 13, one of them is still not solved. No deaths were 30, 1 crime was never solved. Last year was 1 rape, and minors, the crime solved.

Robberies in 2018 was 17, solved 11. Resonant – an attack with a grenade at the offices of the loans. According to Sergei Lukashova, to apprehend this criminal group also helped a surveillance camera. The attackers were quite cautious, repeatedly changed in the courtyards, and after the car went to the Dnieper. Due to the same cameras were able to track them and arrest them.

Illegal seizure of vehicles in Kamenskoye was 30, 16 of which are disclosed. So, at the end of the year in the city was the number of stealings of cars of a premium class. Of involvement in these crimes is suspected of the criminal group, were detained in Krivoy Rog.

Last year was registered 1 the fact of kidnapping, but the case was closed in connection with absence of structure of a crime. Although reports of the kidnapping had been longer, says Sergey Lukashov, about 10. They all proved to be untrue. So, often a woman calls and reports that her daughter was kidnapped – was put in the car and drove away in an unknown direction. Police announce the plan “Interception”, finds the kidnappers, and this is such a tradition of weddings of people of the Roma nationality, and in the evening the family “thieves” and “stolen” together celebrating a joyous occasion, says Lukashov.

Robberies last year was 205, 119 – disclosed. Most often they are made in the Factory district at night, potential victims are children, women, elderly and people in strong alcoholic intoxication. The key to the rapid disclosure of such crime is prompt reporting to the police.

Burglaries in Kamenskoye was 207, 93 – disclosed. Often sneak into the garages and apartments, said Lukashov. The most comical similar crime last year was an attempt to steal a hamster from the store. According to Sergey Lukashov, the thief was one of the deputies of Volnogorsk. He and his family went to the store and wanted to buy the animal to the child, but the seller refused, the hamster was not sold. Then the man returned to the store some time later and tried to steal the rodent with cage, but the seller gave it to him.

In General it can be noted that in Kamenskoye decreased the number of burglaries and the number of robberies remained at the level of previous years, but improved their detection.

For sale of drugs in the past year was arrested 45 people, they are arrested. Also in Kamenskoye a lot of seized weapons: 1 grenade launcher, 1 machine gun, 2 automatic, 14 pistols, 2 sawed-off shotgun, Mina, 68 grenades, 10 fuse, 1 detonator, TNT explosive, 200 rounds 11 and 7 knives and 1 costet, said Sergey Lukashov.