“Seriously damages health”: what not to do married women

"Сильно подрывает здоровье": что не стоит делать замужним женщинам

Marriage affects the health of women and, alas, not for the better, scientists believe.

According to a study published in the journal of Health and Social Behavior, marriage can undermine women’s health.

Researchers from the Ohio state University have established that in heterosexual couples women do not receive adequate support from their partners.

The researchers stated that “the health of married heterosexual women suffer more just compared to married heterosexual men.” In homosexual couples, according to them, the partners get much more mutual care and other tokens.

The work of scientists showed that in his marriage, women care about men’s health, while men’s health the second half is not interested in the same measure. This is one of the reasons for disappointment in marriage. Women are married give more than they receive – at least, for their health, this formula is valid, experts say.

“In marriage women believe that health care partner, it is their duty. Men think that everyone must look after himself, and to complain about health and going to doctors is a waste of time”, – said the authors of the study.

Their survey shows that the strong floor is very annoying complaints wives to health. Often the husband insist wife went to the doctor not because they worry about their health, and not just to listen to these complaints. That attitude is a prerequisite for women’s experiences and depression that is not detrimental to health.