“Servant of the people” caught Cold at the rehearsal of answers for the media. Video

"Слуга народа" Холодов попался на репетиции ответов для СМИ. Видео

MP from the “Servants of the people”, Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on financial, tax and customs policy Andrey Holodov “rehearsed” answers to journalists ‘ questions.

As reported by Telegram-channel amosov.fm, the incident was seen in the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. The footage, hear the Cold weather is in discussion with journalists about the tobacco cartel and the taxes to arrive.

“All know that the MPs talk to the media at a pre-designed manuals, but no one has seen this happen. Still. Broadcast 112th accidentally hit the “rehearsal” answer to the question “public Servants”, a member of finkomitet Andrei Kholodov,” says the message.

“The NAB suspects him of lobbying when applying changes to the so-called tobacco law. The video shows how, in particular, he “is considering” this issue in the presence of the journalists of the TV channel Medvedchuk, which should be included”, – stated in the Telegram channel.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the National Agency for prevention of corruption found corruption component in the actions of the people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Andrey Kholodov.

According to NACP, the Cold rush was asked to provide information on the status and results of all pre-trial investigations concerning the so-called tobacco edits, which was to increase earnings for retailers of cigarettes law No. 1049.

The Agency stressed that the MP should not use his mandate for personal gain. For such violation, he faces a fine of 200 to 400 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens.