“Servant of the people” wants to consider this week language of the bill Bogunskogo. In “European solidarity” accused monopolist in playing up to Putin

"Слуга народа" хочет рассмотреть на этой неделе языковой законопроект Бужанского. В "Европейской солидарности" обвинили монобольшинство в подыгрывании Путину

The parliamentary faction of “servant of the people” proposed to consider this week in plenary, bill No. 2362 on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the training of the state language in educational institutions. The relevant proposal was voiced at the meeting of the conciliatory Council of Deputy factions and groups, the first Deputy Chairman of the faction “servant of the people”, the correspondent of the edition “GORDON”.

The bill was tabled in Parliament in October 2019. Its author was made by MP from the “Servants of the people” Maxim Buzhansky. The bill provides for amendments to the laws “On education” and “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language” and proposes to move from 1 September 2020 1 September 2023, the transfer schools, where teaching is now conducted by the languages of the national minorities into the Ukrainian language of training. The author of the bill believes (.docx), which is the current version of the law on “Education” contains discriminatory provisions in relation to indigenous languages or national minorities, which do not belong to the languages of the indigenous peoples or national minorities in the EU. Profile Committee of the Parliament – Committee on humanitarian and information policy – June 23 rejected the bill.

“It is necessary to include in the agenda of this week… He is now moved on the next plenary week of September, but in September and this has to happen,” he said Koniecko.

Spokesman Dmitry Razumkov supported the proposal and urged the administration of Rada “consider, for example, on Thursday”.

Co-Chairman of the faction “European solidarity” Irina Gerashchenko at a briefing after the conciliatory Council noted that “public Servant” wants to consider H. R. 2362 on a day when Parliament will hold a solemn meeting on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of adoption of Declaration on state sovereignty of Ukraine.

“Servants” that are already on the path of Moscow’s henchmen, made the controversial bill is in fact against the Ukrainian language and education. For what it’s doing? On the eve of local elections to get labeled the Kremlin’s cards from dirty pockets and divide the country on the topic of language and on the subject of education,” she said.

Gerashchenko noted that all graduates of Ukrainian schools must be fluent in the Ukrainian language to qualify for education in best Ukrainian universities and then apply for work in the public sector.

“Why do you start to create a disadvantage for children when they just can’t at the proper level to learn the language? the MP said. Is not only the law of segregation. This, of course, and political law. There only talking about the Russian language to again and again to play along with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, who only a week ago adopted a new Constitution, which clearly States: wherever the Russian language, the scope of our interests”.

She noted that the EU regards it as an attack on “the key, fundamental public values.”

MP from “the Voice” Salome Bobrovskaya also criticized the intention to pass the bill.

“Only that the “Servants of the people” called for the support of the Russian language in Ukraine… “infringement of the rights Russian-speaking,” which they say some members of “Servants of people” – is the repetition of the manuals of the Kremlin and slogans with which Russia has begun armed aggression against us. The subject of the legislative initiative is Pro-Russian representative of the SN, who misses Soviet Union, believes that the Revolution of dignity “legalized Nazism”, whose rhetoric opsi. So some people, you are servants?” – wrote Bobrovskaya in Facebook.

Under current law, since September 2020 all Russian schools in Ukraine to switch to Ukrainian language of instruction. And schools with instruction in languages of the countries of the European Union, must go to the Ukrainian in September 2023.