“Servants of the people” proposed to ban “propaganda of homosexuality”

"Слуги народа" предложили запретить "пропаганду гомосексуализма"

MPs from the faction of the Servant of the people George Mazurau and Allen Fox has registered a bill providing administrative liability for “propaganda of homosexuality and transgenderism”.

Did you miss the fighters with the promotion of homosexuality in the Verkhovna Rada?

Today in Parliament registered a draft law deputies of “public Servants” on liability for propaganda of homosexuality and transgenderism (No. 3917 from 22.07.2020), – stated in the message.

On the proposal of the servants of the people have responded the representatives of the Ukrainian LGBT community.

The deputies of the “public Servants” from the Chernivtsi region have clearly demonstrated their support of Russian policy and readily embraced the movement for “traditional values”, led by Russia, as expected, the Russian Senator (Alexei Pushkov – approx. ed.). Needless to say, the hypothetical adoption of such a law in Ukraine to immediately put an end to European integration and will make our nation a pariah in the modern free world. Fortunately, the chances of it making absolutely zero, but the management of “public Servants” should have to pay attention to the legislative initiatives of people’s deputies, which flagrantly contradict the declared principles of the party, and the political course of our state, – said the press service of the LGBT human rights Center “Our world”.

Note that….

Ukraine is one of the few post-Soviet countries, which regularly hosts LGBT events. In 2019, the equality marches were held in several major cities: Kharkiv, Kiev and Odessa. Really like events like this not for everyone.

In 2020 the pandemic coronavirus Ukrainian LGBT community was forced to abandon mass rallies.

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