Serving myths “LPR”, or Russian passports are different

Порция мифов "ЛНР", или Российские паспорта бывают разные

Around and just talk about that soon in the “LC” will begin issuing Russian passports. While I have not heard any official confirmation of this news, but a dozen times got into the discussion of this topic among those about her in some way learned.

The buyer was instructed by the sellers among the shelves of shoes that Russian passports will be given to those who are born in the USSR. Just like in the song Gazmanov. Girls elaborate on what criteria will the selection for the issuance of Russian passports, and the buyer with a view of the docks commenting on the situation. I have exactly this news for born in the USSR, the question – what about the children and all those whose birth was in the period of Ukraine? That is, I will receive the Russian passport it will get my mom, but my son will remain with the Ukrainian birth certificate? The truth is, I’m unlikely to go for it, if for a moment assume that the news is true.

Local privileges

Another issue is that passports will have in the first place the employees of the local “police,” “ministries” and “departments,” “military structures”. Like, they need it more than others. Them on these passports to travel. And again a mystery – where they will travel on Russian passports? In Russia? Someone timidly suggested that perhaps they will be able to immediately obtain a passport, since they have Russian? The theme of passports for many a sore. To issue the international passport it is necessary to spend procedure of time to travel to Ukraine to find the time and money on several trips.

Imagine that we are not talking about the trip in the bus on the next street, and of crossing the bridge to the Village Lugansk, and will have to wait three to six hours in lines in one direction. This, omitting such costs as weather conditions, stress, crowding, moral pressure. Yes, so if you need the passport to go through everything a few times?

A friend told me that he slept with his grandfather in the Village because one day, this hike did not happen. The story about the night at grandpa’s – it is as lucky. Who 100 UAH slept in the jacket, so as not to touch someone else’s stale bedding, and someone for 150 UAH went to the bathroom floors heated, but it is rather exception.

Yes, but all of these moves for those who exit here and entry there. But if there are dark spots in the biography, like, a military past? What’s next? Ordered the passport because the place it was really only through Ukraine. And bypassing Ukraine, this well does not draw. Therefore, for all these people Russian passports as the plantain on the wound – they give the chance to move in some direction, somewhere to go.

But immediately the question, what forces are these passports? It will be the most that neither is a Russian passport? Like the Muscovites? If everything is so simple, I have a question, what about my friends who’ve I spent three years to approach the Russian citizenship and Russian passport? It is hardly possible that they in Krasnodar for 3 years went to the Russian passport, and I will get it here for a month. And understand it all. Can’t these passports be the same. Our Russian passport, he might have some kind of value, but will, as I say, local value. As the legal help on red cover that you’re from the Donbass.

There is another mulka that passport in the first place will be awarded to those who survived the summer of 2014, not leaving from here. Like, it’s as exam. He could get, sign. Instead of premium. Isn’t that weird? I immediately imagine the speculation that will be on this topic.

From stories about humanitarian aid

When the “LC” gave humanitarian aid, so for her almost before the cars came. And when they timidly said, that does not fit stew and pasta with their car, they saying that it was better to just be silent. That is, the machine and the stew does not stand next in importance and semantics. Is not a symbol of success or of satiety. And even if people left Lugansk, and then came back and learned about the results of aid, he immediately resorted to. So, if only for the sake of those pasta he only returned to Lugansk. And here, too, was unclear. The ones that really needed, and others went just to hang on to their… If someone will announce some criteria for obtaining the Russian passport, to be sure, there are those who buy help, buy a hundred witnesses to prove that he needs the passport more than any other.

Suddenly announced that all children of war would give help. No one could say what kind of help and from whom, but starshina street collected the lists, bypassing the home – your child was here in the summer of 2014? We suddenly found out that my child – war child this. And began to wait patiently.

A month later alerted go to. With a passport, birth certificate. Someone took a baby to make him happy immediately. In place we have not been able to specify from whom this assistance. The answer sounded something like this: “You need to know? Get – sign it”. A huge bag was pots, a blanket, a scraper for utensils, ladle, spoon. Those who are waiting for juices and candy was a little disappointed.

After all the Commission did these sets of metal utensils, which, apparently, was not very needed. But what was the excitement when the high street has compiled these lists! To have written and someone’s granddaughter, who also supposedly came to our street to wait out the summer of 2014 here. And children Saitoti who returned in the autumn of 2014, but their mother insisted that they, too, are worthy of help… That is assuming that these lists will be such that the older the street, the corruption will be there in pure form, as those dityami war.

Another myth that Russian passports will receive in the first place those who have the passport of the resident “LPR”. But if you’re not going to stand in a long queue. But I have a lot of other issues – any legal force are those passports? Or is this another formality, so for some time to relieve tension in the society? You know, like the glass of water, which distract the man was hysterical saying,”Drink this, and you’ll feel better“. Apparently a passport if you do not solve any problems, then at least distract us from them for some time.

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Порция мифов "ЛНР", или Российские паспорта бывают разные