Settlement agreement between the United States and Lazarenko moved to March

Мировое соглашение между США и Павлом Лазаренко перенесли на март

Court of the district of Columbia moved to March the trial between the U.S. government and ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko, the parties continued negotiations regarding the terms of the settlement agreement regarding the arrested assets. The meeting took place on Wednesday in a phone conference, UKRINFORM reported.

According to the preliminary agreement that was voiced during the hearings the judge George. M. Harvey, the parties agreed to have another meeting in the afternoon of 5 March. However, as noted after the meeting, the Secretary in the courtroom, the exact schedule of further meetings will be specified later in court documents.

From court documents it became known that at the current stage in the dispute against the government by several applicants – Paul, Alexander, Catherine and Olesya Lazarenko. Their interests are represented by lawyers, that is, no one from the family of former Ukrainian Prime Minister now not present at the court hearing.

In addition, it became known that before the meeting Wednesday, the sides held several talks, including 31 January and 1 February 2019. However, despite the efforts from both sides, the decision was made, according to the documents.

In this context, “parties asked to extend by two weeks the current status (negotiations – approx. ed.) in this case,” reads the excerpt, dated 4 Feb.

In addition, the parties suggested the court set the schedule for further proceedings.

As reported to confiscate frozen assets that the U.S. government should prove that it is the money that Lazarenko illegally brought in his time from Ukraine. Because it is difficult to do, including considering the timing of the process, the parties decided to reach a settlement agreement.

Recall that Pavlo Lazarenko in 1996-97, he headed the government of Ukraine and organized the scheme of gas supplies to Ukraine through a commercial firm, which had personal income. At some stage his partner was Julia Tymoshenko, who headed the private company UESU. Excess profits, which were derived abroad, was formed due to high prices for gas for consumers in Ukraine. Later, the GPU opened a case against Lazarenko, when he was a Deputy in the Verkhovna Rada. He fled from Ukraine to USA in early 1999. In September 2006, Lazarenko was sentenced to 97 months of imprisonment and a $10 million fine for money laundering and other crimes. The term of imprisonment and the penalty was later reduced and he was released 1 Nov 2012. According to the American media, Lazarenko can live together with his second wife and three children near San Francisco.