Seven drinks that are well save you during hot weather

Семь напитков, которые хорошо спасают во время жаркой погоды

Komsomolskaya Pravda discussed the drink with a nutritionist Elena SOLOMATINA. The usefulness of each of them we have identified on a scale.

Ordinary water [10 points]

Maximum consumption rate in a day or 35 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

Clean water – the most useful liquid for quenching thirst in hot weather. With the active sport, especially in the sun and in the sweltering heat, the consumption rate should be increased. If you are in a cool room, and even with conditioning, you can reduce the rate to 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

You need to drink a little – two or three SIPS every 20 minutes. If you drink a lot and rarely, the water will immediately come out of us. We have another task – to saturate the cells with moisture, the blood fluid that does not thicken. In the heat happens a lot of strokes and heart attacks, heat stroke – this is largely because of the thickening of blood.

When very hot water you can just add some salt. Then the liquid will be longer in the body.

Homemade lemonade [10 points]

The maximum consumption rate per day – 1 liter.

Great thirst-quenching drink. A nutritionist suggested this recipe: take a liter of water, add in the juice of a lemon or a few limes, cut fresh ginger root and throw a few sprigs of mint. You can add ice cubes.

Mineral water [9 points]

The maximum intake per day is 0.5 – 1 liter.

Mineral water should be alkaline, salts of potassium, calcium, sodium. In the heat of the acid-alkaline balance shifted to the acid side, and mineral water will allow it to recover faster. Mineral water is not necessary to drink all year round, but in the heat it is of great help for the body.

Ayran [9 points]

The maximum consumption rate per day – 1 liter.

Fresh ayran due to its saturation, bubbles provokes salivation, and us less thirsty. The drink helps to regulate the acid-alkaline balance.

Morse [9 points]

The maximum consumption rate per day – 1 liter.

In the home (!) Morse ideally contain only water and berries. It is sour and is good to drink. It has a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Tomato juice [8 points]

The maximum consumption rate per day – 1 liter.

Vegetable juices are good for health. Foremost among them is tomato juice. It thins the blood, and this is what we should strive in the heat. It can be salt, and liquid to stay longer in the body. By the way, the juice from the tomatoes subjected to heat treatment, useful. It has more lycopene (the body needs antioxidant. According to some researchers, reduces the risk of cancer). Tomato juice you can even make one yourself from high quality tomato paste – dilute it with boiling water and cool. This drink will also be useful at the expense of lycopene.

Compote [2 points]

Daily intake of 2 cups.

Dried fruit, no sugar and very diluted with water. Especially useful when the compote is “alkaline” fruit – figs, apricots.

But store-bought fruit drinks is not drink, and dessert. Draw your own conclusions!