Seven main news of Ukraine and world on 19:00 February 7

Семь главных новостей Украины и мира на 19:00 7 февраля

07.02.2020, 19:00


Every day at 19:00 publishes main news of the day. Nothing extra – only the important

1. BRITAIN WILL CANCEL PART OF SANCTIONS AGAINST THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, UKRAINE AND THE UNITED STATES. The abolition of trade restrictions will happen after the final withdrawal from the EU. Duties will be removed from Ukrainian seamless pipes of iron and steel, aluminum foil from Russia and some other goods. Concessions will also relate to the share of goods from China, USA, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Belarus (read more).

2. THE US KILLED THE LEADER OF AL-QAEDA. Qasim al-Rimi and his Deputy eliminated in Yemen. The operation took place on the orders of the President of the United States. Al-Rimi has joined al-Qaeda in the 1990-ies worked in Afghanistan. When it AQAP was committing violence against civilians in Yemen wanted to attack the U.S. and American contingent in the middle East (read more).

3. THE “HOLE” IN THE BUDGET CAN “PATCH” THE DEBT OF GAZPROM. Revenues from imported and Ukrainian goods may be below the plan, according to the NBU. This can occur due to strong hryvnia and low inflation. Possible loss of revenue from excise taxes on tobacco and rents for the extraction of gas. To compensate for forgone income due to transfers Naftogaz paid Gazprom debt (read more).

4. RADA POSTPONED THE CONSIDERATION OF THE LAW ON THE LAND MARKET. Deputies considered 32 amendments to the draft law abolishing the moratorium on land sales, and postponed the discussion until February 18. In just two days, the deputies considered amendments of 216 4018. One was adopted only one (more).

5. THE SUPREME COURT WILL HEAR THE CASE OF SURKIS AND PRIVATBANK 16 MAR. Earlier, the court postponed consideration of the case at the request of the Cabinet of Ministers on the replacement of the defendant. Surkis want to prove that are not associated with former PB owners are individuals and they want the abolition of the conversion of their funds into the shares of PB in case of nationalization. From business depends on the recovery process for appeal of the nationalization of PB (learn more).

6. IN UKRAINE WILL BUILD TWO MILITARY BASES TO NATO STANDARDS. They will appear in Mariupol and Severodonecke. According to the Minister of defense, these sites are built “in the field”. Zagorodnyuk also reminded that this year we completed the construction brigade of the town on the site Wide LAN (read more).

7. INTERTELECOM RECEIVES A LICENSE LTE-800. License for 9.5 years will cost the company more than 180 million. The license will allow it to deploy LTE across the country. Intertelecom, will launch LTE network in April (read more).