Seven main news of Ukraine and world on 19:00 July 18

Семь главных новостей Украины и мира на 19:00 18 июля

18.07.2020, 19:00

Every day at 19:00 publishes main news of the day. Nothing extra – only the important

1. “PEOPLE GOT TO BE FREE”: THE TRAMP PROMISED NOT TO FORCE YOU TO WEAR MASKS. This assurance came after chief infectionist of countries Anthony Fauci urged state governments “as much as possible” to convince people of the necessity of wearing them (more).

2. THE INCIDENCE OF COVID-19 IN UKRAINE REMAINS HIGH – MORE THAN 800 PEOPLE PER DAY. Daily morbidity in Ukraine for a fourth day in a row is more than 800 new cases every day (read more).

3. “IF YOU HAVE PROMISED – GO!” THE PETITION FOR THE RESIGNATION ZELENSKY SCORED 27 138 VOTES. The author of the petition decided to remind the President of his words last year about the fact that in case of violation of the law he will resign on their own (read more).

4. IN FRANCE A FIRE BROKE OUT IN THE CATHEDRAL OF THE XV CENTURY: WHAT WE KNOW – VIDEO. On Saturday morning July 18 in the French Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul was on fire (read more).

5. THE US HAS APPROVED THE SALE OF BOATS MARK VI FOR UKRAINE: GRAPHICS, FEATURES, VIDEO. In the United States approved the sale to Ukraine of up to 16 armed patrol boats Mark VI (MK VI) and related equipment for a total amount of $600 million (more).

6. OFF THE COAST OF NIGERIA PIRATES HIJACKED THE SHIP AND KIDNAPPED SIX UKRAINIAN SAILORS. In the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Nigeria pirates hijacked a tanker Curacao Trader and stole 13 crew members, among which six Ukrainians (read more).

7. THE NETHERLANDS STARTED A NEW INVESTIGATION AGAINST RUSSIA IN THE CASE OF MH17 – THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS. In the meantime, Russian media spread information that the investigation allegedly launched against Ukraine (read more).

Семь главных новостей Украины и мира на 19:00 18 июля