Seven-year-old has won in international competitions in the game Pokemon

Game series Pokemon is far from the title of the most popular sports in the world, but some regions carried out not only international competition, but the Junior and open divisions. At one of these international youth tournaments champion was a seven year old girl.

How to win a girl

Simon lim made his first appearance in the tournament at the Pokemon and immediately reached the final, where she met with one of the top players in Oceania in the Junior division Justin Miranda-Reborda, reports OneESports.

The match ended with the score 2:1 in the final round, lim successfully predicted the actions of the opponent and defeated two of his pokemon, with the last man on the field.

Match Simone lim and Justin Miranda Redbord – watch videos

What is known about the tournament and his prize

The 2020 tournament Pokémon Oceania International Championships was held on 21-23 February in Melbourne. Win Simon lim received $ 1,500 as the tournament was less than 100 players. It was also awarded 72 card sets for Pokemon TCG.

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