Several districts of Kuban received a new ambulance

Несколько районов Кубани получили новые машины скорой помощи

Several municipalities of the Kuban received 11 new ambulances.

In particular, the keys from new cars received the doctors in the hospitals Abinskiy, Korenovsk, red army, Tbilisi and Ust-Labinsk areas, where they passed a new press. Two cars got the Caucasian, Crimean and Dinskoy districts.

In the equipment of new vehicles includes the defibrillator-monitorama, three-channel electrocardiographs, devices controlled and assisted ventilation, pulse oximeters, Express the measure of the concentration of glucose in the blood and other modern equipment.

As reports a press-service of administration of Kuban, in the region of 650 ambulances that year making two million visits, including weekends and holidays. 31 a vehicle is in the service of sanitary aviation.