Severe liver disease from non-drinking people caused by the activity of the gene AEBP1 – study

Тяжелые болезни печени у непьющих людей вызываются активностью гена AEBP1 - исследование

Increased activity of AEBP1 gene can cause the development of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and other lesions of the body, found researchers.

In the U.S. a group of scientists, including experts from the Institute of translational genomics (all tgen) found that increased expression of the gene AEBP1 may contribute to the development of severe liver diseases in non-drinking people – in particular, the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and other disorders. The results of the study conducted by experts, was published in Medicalxpress.

According to scientists, AEBP1 plays a key role not only in the processes of the emergence of fatty liver disease. From his actions depends on the severity of the disease and the efficacy of his treatment. Also, experts have concluded that the inclusion of the AEBP1 gene stimulates the activity of nine genes that can cause the development of liver fibrosis.

Co-author, Dr. Johanna Distefano, explained that the activity of AEBP1 increases due to intensive intake of sugar, glucose, fructose, saturated fatty acids. All of these components are present in abundance in processed foods, including meats and fast food.

According to the who from liver disease in the modern world today can suffer up to 30% of adults, that is, almost one-third.