Severe photoshop: daughter Olya Polyakova’s caught in a scandal

Жесточайший фотошоп: дочь Оли Поляковой угодила в скандал

Masha Polyakova on his page in Instagram and wanted to show his fans slender legs in a swimsuit, but it obviously didn’t work, because the photo with the naked eye you can see serious shortcomings of the author, reports

“If I had to choose only one social network or messenger, which is/nd can be used in Ukraine, what would you choose?”, – wrote Mary.

Note that the girl in the photo appeared in one-piece bathing suit, sitting on the edge of the pool, dangling his feet down. Most likely, she decided to demonstrate slender legs, though careful users of social networks noticed the obvious photoshop in the hips. By the way, his attention was aroused anger among fans Polyakova.

“I can see one photoshop? curve pool”, “pool around the tips of the hair tiles felt a little photoshop, but no offense, if I did it I would be much worse”,. “Complete ass systems”, “what do you think she is that photoshop? As well as give suggestions”, “Better steer clear! and put a real photo of such a beauty without photoshopа,” wrote commentators.

Жесточайший фотошоп: дочь Оли Поляковой угодила в скандал