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Секс після пологів: як налагодити інтимне життя - 24 Канал

The return to intimate life after childbirth is gradual. For many couples, sex will never be the same as before. It’s not loss of interest in sexual partner, and in a modified, more Mature relation to each other. Parents share a special spiritual kinship

This is in exclusive comments for Health 24 announced the candidate of medical Sciences, obstetrician-gynecologist gynecological Department of Lviv regional clinical hospital and MC “Bereginya” Kravets E. Juliana.

What happens to the female body after childbirth

Two months (8 weeks), the uterus is cleaned: discharge (lochia) are gradually fading;

The perineum after childbirth is injured, so that any leakage causes pain;

Through tears, internal and external sutures on the uterus can easily penetrate the infection.

Obstetrician-gynecologist Ulyana Kravets

“It is up to 2 months, is the postpartum recovery of damaged tissues, and reduces the risk of open bleeding. In addition, immediately after birth genital tract is susceptible to various infections, and after 1.5-2 months they are recovering, and this risk is reduced. If you had a caesarean section,the first sex after birth is possible through 2.5-3 months.”

What problems can occur during sex after childbirth

1. The lack of desire from a woman, because in her mind, the priorities are now different, and the whole world revolves around baby. And this is the norm! Just need a little time and patience my husband everything will work out.

Секс після пологів: як налагодити інтимне життя - 24 Канал
After birth can cause problems with sex

2. The fear of pain. In any case, all fears should be overcome, and it is better to discuss with your partner.

3. Change of feelings. After birth, women change the shape and proportions of the genital organs, in particular, greatly expanded the vagina, which for the first few months after birth remains relaxed. So, sexual intercourse takes place in new ways. Don’t worry, this state is temporary. And enhance sensation during sex will help posture in which the thighs tightly compressed. To speed up the recovery process, women will help Kegel exercises.

The doctor
Ulyana Kravets

“Intimate life after childbirth each pair starts on its own. But if a man and woman bound to each other, feeling the love and tenderness, they will cope with possible difficulties. And, summing up the above, I want to advise to women: 1. Not to rush into intimacy, to wait 2 months; 2. Don’t be afraid to speak with your partner about your feelings and fears; 3. Remember: you will not get a good result, just your patience and work on yourself will lead to the desired result. Take care of yourself, my dear!”

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