Sex educator called 10 rules for intimacy, to be followed by each

Секс-педагог назвала 10 правил интимной близости, которых должен придерживаться каждый

The expert emphasizes that sex should only be consensual.

Sexual life is not only pleasure and passion, but also a great responsibility. Therefore, in order to protect yourself – is to follow the rules.

A list made up sex teacher Julia Yarmolenko on his page in Instagram.

1. “No” always means “no.” Consent to sex is expressed by the words “Yes, I want you sex”, “sex”. No red lipstick or a short skirt or flirting is not an invitation to sex.

2. Be sure to set sexual boundaries. If you are not ready/ not prepared to go further than a hug or a petting, I need to know about it.

3. Don’t agree to sex without a condom! This is the most secure and affordable form of contraception for adolescents and young adults.

4. Remember, you can refuse sex at any stage of sexual interaction. Even at the last moment you can change your mind and stop a partner/partner. And they can do the same. This is normal.

5. Never accept sex under the influence of alcohol, drugs, the “weak” and don’t have sex with a person who is under the influence of any substances. This can lead to unpleasant consequences.

6. If you’re not sure/ not sure that the partner/partner are willing to go further or to try something new – ask permission. And you can continue in case the Express consent expressed by words.

7. In appearance it is impossible to determine a person is sick or not. He/ she may not even know that they are carriers of dangerous diseases.

8. Love and loyalty are not a guarantee of a safe relationship.

9. If you think that is not yet ready/ not ready to have sex – put that question at least half a year. Okay to start having sex is 17, and 25 – importantly, physiological, psychological, informational readiness.

10. Don’t focus on the pornography is a fiction, installation and greatly exaggerated. Sex is, above all, communication, and intimacy, not sexual intercourse.

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