Sex in the water: the dangers and how to choose a comfortable posture

Секс в воде: чем опасен и как выбрать удобные позы

Sex in the water is exciting, but actually it is quite risky. If you have decided on this step, you should take care of contraception and to choose safe poses.

Before you think about sex in the water, be aware of all the risks. Scientists do not suggest making love in the water, regardless of the pool, the sea, a cool shower or a hot bath.

Such joy can bring many health problems.

For example, hot water can damage the mucous membrane of the vagina. It is very easy to earn the irritation and hook up with harmful microorganisms.

Water washes away natural lubrication.

Sensations during sex range from pleasant to very painful.

You can certainly use lubricant, but even they are under long exposure to water and the contained chemicals for cleaning stop working.

In turn chlorinated water alters the pH of the vagina. This causes yeast infection and bacterial infection.

Sex in water without a condom is especially dangerous.

Because of the water in the vagina can be formed microcracks. This increases the chances of Contracting herpes or HIV.

Long stay in the hot tub faces psevdomonady the folliculitis.

It is similar to an abundant eruption of pimples and is accompanied by severe itching.

By the way, floating in the water the sperm incapable of fertilization. However, during the penetration of water does not interfere with getting pregnant.

To make love in the shower more traumaticthan in the bathroom. To wow not to break, it is better to use only very stable position.

If you still don’t know how to have sex in the water, we gathered posesthat you can use both at home and on vacation.

Safe extreme. A man sits on the steps of the pool or Jacuzzi. The woman sits on him, tightly clasping his waist with your thighs. The partner leans back into the water, which will keep her out.

Ladder. A man stands on the stairs, holding hands on the handrails (to ladder the back). The woman stands before the man, turning back to him, and also held the railing with his hands. In this position the partners will be more comfortable if the woman slightly bend forward.

Sexual relaxation. Position, which is suitable for any body of water. Woman lies on inflatable mattress belly. The man leaning on her hands, is over the partner. The task of women is to bend a little and have fun.

Sensual shower. The woman is right in front of the man. With one foot she grabs your hips partner, hands wrapped around her neck. Man, in turn, holds the woman to him.

Jacuzzi. A woman is in front of jets or holes in the tub so that the jet of water stimulated the clitoris. At this time, the man is adjusting in the back, hands caressing his chest. At the height of sex. How to get a thrill on the roof sex on the beach: how not to get hurt in the sand and can go into the water Safe sex in the woods: what to take and how to escape from insects

Shower doggy style. The woman maximum bends forward and rests his hands on the wall or knees, not to lose balance. The man is standing back and holding the partner’s waist.

By the way, the Ukrainian star told the ICTV Facts about your experience extreme sex.

Секс в воде: чем опасен и как выбрать удобные позы

Секс в воде: чем опасен и как выбрать удобные позы

Секс в воде: чем опасен и как выбрать удобные позы

Секс в воде: чем опасен и как выбрать удобные позы

Секс в воде: чем опасен и как выбрать удобные позы