Sex on the “Charity weekend c Masha Efrosinina”

Секс на « Charity weekend c Машей Ефросининой»

Every third child is willing to meet a stranger from the Internet in real life…

18 minutes is necessary to force the child to send intimate photos…

Children are willing to communicate with strangers on the Internet. They tell family secrets, share personal experiences. They think that sitting at home, they are in no danger. But this is an illusion!

Mercure Congress Hotel Kyiv held Charity Weekend with Masha Efrosinina. A key topic was the questions about sexual education of children and cyber safety.

In front of 1,000 guests made awesome lecturers: sex teacher Julia Yarmolenko and founder of the educational project about the protection of children online (“Stop eating” ) Anastasia Dyakova. The moderator of the Charity weekend was made by Masha Efrosinina.

The theme for which team charity project was initially afraid to take, caused a huge resonance. After an incredibly informative speeches, Julia, Anastasia and Maria for a few hours gave satisfactory answers to hundreds of questions coming from the audience.

  • That our children need to know about sex?
  • When it is necessary to start talking about IT?
  • How to talk with your child about sex?
  • What to do if your child being blackmailed online?
  • What parents need to pay attention to?

From the lips of our speakers Yulia Yarmolenko and Anastasia Dyakova, we learned that how and when children should be told about sex and how they are arranged!

There are no storks and cabbage, that should be able to explain everything honestly and affordably. For their own safety! To suddenly not told them someone else is! Boys and girls were able to recognize the signs of sexual harassment! And most importantly, not afraid to tell their parents!

About how to protect children from threats to their psyche on the net! And what are the right words to say to a child when the school showed him the porn “friends”. – says the mastermind and co-founder of the Charity Weekend Masha Efrosinina.

Topics raised at the Charity weekend, which is extremely important! After hundreds of rave reviews on social media and thousands of requests from people who are unable to get to the lecture hall, the team Charity weekend seriously thinking: maybe we should leave Kiev with this topical theme?

Negotiations are underway with the speakers about this possibility. After all, an educational mission no less important than charity.

“Chamber” Charity Weekend (this is a team charity project called events gathering up to 1000 guests?) collected 265 000. All proceeds from ticket sales funds donated to the Fund “Your support” for saving the lives of children! The General partner of the event was the brand, One by One.

We remind that on August 30 will take place on 5th anniversary Charity weekend. A healthy day at the Art factory Platform.

Photographer Alone Podoba.

Секс на « Charity weekend c Машей Ефросининой»