Sex scandal continues: Harvey Weinstein received new charges

The notorious American producer Harvey Weinstein January 6, has received two new allegations of sexual harassment. In Los Angeles prosecutors filed charges against Weinstein in the rape of one woman and sexual harassment to another.

Harvey Weinstein – the controversial Hollywood producer, about the crimes of which say 2 years. To the old charges added two more. It is reported by the insider publication The New York Times.

January 6 was held the first hearing of the year in the case of a producer in new York court. The current trial applies to only two cases: rape and forced oral sex that occurred in 2006 and 2013. Information about the victims and the details of these probable crimes yet. Harvey Weinstein denies any guilt.

It is known that earlier the producer paid the Deposit and is on the loose, however, he faces life imprisonment. The trial could last several weeks.

Recall that more than 80 women accused Weinstein of sexual harassment. Among them are such well-known Hollywood Actresses like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd and Uma Thurman. However, one of the most influential Hollywood producers ever managed to escape punishment for sexual offences. He paid off his victims. More than 30 women who suffered from harassment Weinstein, will share $ 25 million. This became known in December last year.