Sex scandals, the movie and turbo: the results of the first session of the Council

Секс-скандалы, кнопкодавство и турборежим: итоги работы первой сессии Совета

The Verkhovna Rada ninth convocation fulfilled its first full session. During this time, the deputies adopted more than 200 laws and held 58 meetings. About the successes and failures of Parliament – read on.

Turbo and important laws

From the first days the work of Parliament of the ninth convocation called turbo. Often people’s deputies the night remained in the session hall, to be able to handle the whole agenda.

The Chairman of the Committee of voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel said that the Parliament of the ninth convocation of the no action plan. And for 5 months of this Parliament had to make up for the promises of people’s deputies of previous convocations.

That managed to make MPs ninth convocation:

  • Launched work of the anti-corruption court.
  • Returned to the criminal code article on illicit enrichment.
  • Removed from the Constitution by parliamentary immunity.
  • Adopted the law on impeachment of the President and the Electoral code.

Basically, these bills were created by the “servants of the people.” And their allies actually become a faction of “the Voice” and “Confidence”, which was supported by more than half of the bills.

Allies – this does not mean that we are talking about political arrangements, roughly speaking. I think that the faction can vote for certain laws for ideological or programmatic reasons,

– explained political expert Denis Rybachok.

Shaky monopolist and groups of influence

As monopolista not enough votes, often the other faction saved vote. For example, with the law on concessions, which was voted only 207 people’s deputies from “public Servants”. Or when so-called group of Kolomoisky failed giving the NEB the right to listen MPs.

What is known about the “group Kolomoisky”?“The Dubinsky group” or “group Kolomoisky” – the name given to the part of deputies from fraction “the servant of the people”, which together, do not vote for important bills. So, they blocked the law on the abolition of parliamentary immunity, wiretapping for NABOO and the elimination of “sites of mediation” in the field of real estate valuation.

Denis Rybachuk added that monopolista not as monolithic, as far as one would think. He noted that “the Servant of the people”, of course, have their own groups and we see this even in the polls.

The head of state in Parliament

Despite this, the Parliament of the ninth convocation of not skipping the meeting in contrast to its predecessors. Because of their attendance depends on whether they will get money for parliamentary activities. And it is about 20 thousand hryvnia per month. But failed to get rid of the problems pressing buttons. Representatives of the Public movement “CHESNO” in the first session caught 17 of the pusher, which is 47 times voted for the neighbor. It is mainly the representatives of the faction “For life”.

Loud sex scandals

Not without scandals. So, on suspicion in receiving a bribe in 30 thousand dollars for lobbying “sites Yatsenko”, members of “Servants of the people” passed a lie detector. In the midst of a sex scandal were just a few MPs. The Chairman of the Committee for foreign policy, Bohdan Yaremenko ordered prostitutes, and the people’s Deputy from “For life” Ilya Kiva, considered photos of naked women, and after talking with the Odessa model directly in the session hall touched their genitals. Back to work MPs will return on February 4.

Секс-скандалы, кнопкодавство и турборежим: итоги работы первой сессии Совета