Sexologist told what poses will bring women to the peak of pleasure

Сексолог рассказал, какие позы доведут женщин до пика наслаждения

The female orgasm is, in principle, the thing itself is quite achievable, but only under the condition of having sex in certain positions and due diligence partner.

About this in his article for the magazine Psychology today was written by the famous researcher Michael Castleman’s. He also made the top 3 positions in which the chances of ladies to orgasm above all else.

1. Woman on top. Classic “old in-out, back and forth,” weakly stimulates the clitoris, located just above the vaginal opening − at the upper connection of the labia majora. Accordingly, the pose of “horsewoman” (when a man lies on his back and the woman widely spreads his legs and sits on a Horny penis) gives an immediate attack fun. So having sex, she may stimulate her clitoris with a hand or sex toys.

2. Woman on all fours (“become Cancer”. The lady rests on the knees and elbows. Male attached behind her and begins penetration. Thus, he can grab her hips and caress the clitoris.

3. Folded spoon. Both partners lie on the same side – and always with bent knees. The upper part of their body can cling to each other or be separated only by the buttocks. Accordingly, the hands of both partners free, in addition to the penetration, pay attention to the clitoris. But the woman may still have to raise one of the knees to relieve the sex.