Sexologists call the phrase, you cannot say during sex

Сексологи назвали фразы, которые нельзя говорить во время интима

British scientists have named a few things that kill sexual relations. To this conclusion they came, conducted the study data of thousands of men.

In questioning have taken part more than 3,5 thousand men. It turned out that the most unpleasant phrase during sex is the question of the partner: “are You there?”. It is assumed that a woman does not feel the penetration inside, thus hurting the man.

The second issue that kills an intimate relationship, was: “are You coming?”. So the woman asked when at last men come to an orgasm. About 36% said that I hate it when my partner utters this phrase.

Another antisexual phrase men called the woman’s request: “Please slow down!”. Thus man loses his rhythm and starts to think about something else.

Fourth place ranking antisexual phrases in bed took the expression “Turn off the light” and “Hurry, we don’t have much time.” Both statements prevent to tune into sex and kill sexual relations.