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"Шахтар" розгромив "Ворсклу", поступаючись після першого тайму - 24 Канал

Shakhtar Donetsk and FC Vorskla Poltava in the match 4-th round of the Premier League played in a fairly successful match. However, after the first half the score was somewhat unexpected.

Shakhtar Vs Vorskla 4:1
Goals: Marlos, 50, Stepanenko, 59, Khocholava, 62, Moraes, 74 – Sharpar, 27

For the first 45 minutes, Shakhtar controlled the ball, created a few chances. But the Pitmen summed up the performance. Vorskla answered it no less acute, although very much the underdog of the match. And if after hitting Karachi Pyatov caught the ball, when a header after a corner kick Sharpar shot, the goalkeeper saved his team. Although not given the opportunity to Excel Perdut.

It is worth noting that for the first half, Shakhtar have created only four scoring chances, while Vorskla are five. That all changed in the second half. At the end of the match the Pitmen had 12 points and four goals, with the visitors having only six points and lose in the end.

First, the score evened Marlos. The owners managed fast attack with the transfer of the ball from one player to another. And braziliance punched from-under defenders into the far corner.

Subsequently, Shakhtar managed a quick counter attack, the final point which was put to safety. The midfielder scored postaliases tackle. If he hadn’t reached for the ball, he was a partner. who was ready to send the ball into the empty net.

After this missed goal “Vorskla” has begun, as evidenced by the third goal. Goalscorer is a Central defender Chocolove, who scored after drawing (not feed) the corner when he was left covered in the penalty area.

The defeat of the issued Moraes. The striker netted the ball into the goal after a pass from Tyson.

Shakhtar win and rises to the friction of the standings. The leader of the Premier League “Alexandria” your match will play on Sunday, August 12. It will take “Arsenal-Kiev”. “Dynamo” against “Mariupol” will play already on September 26.

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