Shakhtar vs Chornomorets: review and score 23 Sep 2018

Шахтар - Чорноморець: огляд і рахунок матчу 23 вересня 2018

Donetsk “Shakhtar” in a match against Odessa “Chernomorets” has strengthened its leadership by beating Odessa. The Pitmen’s striker Moraes in this match he scored the eighth goal.

Shakhtar Donetsk – Chernomorets 3:0
Goals: Moraes, 57, Trubotchkin, 59 (ed), Tyson, 82

In the sixth round against FC “Chernomorets” played in a draw with Dynamo. To expect to score in the match against the leader of the Odessa could in the game against Shakhtar. The sailors kept their gates shut (here it is worth noting the bad luck of the players of “Shakhtar”).

That all changed in the second half. During a corner kick players “Chernomorets” slakovci for Stepanenko. The midfielder left without care and shot. However, the strike had not happened. And first on the rebound was Moraes, who crossing the ball into the goal. For the Brazilian striker’s eighth goal in the championship of Ukraine.

In another two minutes, Shakhtar were ahead 2:0. The second goal of the match could score Moraes, but he beat the defender “Chernomorets” Ivan Trubotchkin – trying to dislodge the ball, he sent it into his own net.

In addition to scoring a goal, Moraes noted and effective pass. On 82 minutes, he hung in the centre of the goalmouth, where just broke Tyson by issuing a defeat rivals.

Shakhtar win and remains in first place. Shakhtar in 24 points. “Dynamo”, which climbed to second place, behind by 7 points. However, Arsenal have a match in hand against “Mariupol”, which will play on Wednesday, September 26.


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