Shakhtar without problems reserve team defeated Kolos: video

"Шахтер" без проблем резервным составом одолел "Колос": видео

"Шахтер" без проблем резервным составом одолел "Колос": видео

Donetsk “Shakhtar” in a match against Kovalevsky “Ear” on Wednesday, July 15, won a landslide victory. For this match, the Pitmen went reserve team.

Miner – Ear 2:0

Goals: Cipriano, 48, Junior Moraes, 90 + 4

  • This match had no tournament value: “Shakhtar” has already received the title, “spike” will not rise above the sixth place.
  • In this match Shakhtar released the reserve team to seven players to be at least 21 years of age. For the Pitmen in an official match debut Vladislav Vakula.
  • The captain’s armband at Shakhtar got 18-year-old Anatoliy Trubin. He became the youngest captain in the club’s history. On the field at the time was Tyson, who was a captain.

“Shakhtar” from the start of the match seized the initiative. And by the seventh minute of the match Sickan at least could have scored twice. But the blows striker struck from an acute angle, and different failed.

Much better time was for Marcos Antonio. Tyson gave split pass to a partner, and the Brazilian was already in front of the goalkeeper one-on-one, but Kucherenko coped with his shot.

Only from the middle of the first half Kolos began to create chances in front of goal. Especially active was Jack frost and Bondarenko.

A good opportunity in the 36th minute to open the account was missed Kostyshin. He punched his head after a canopy from flank. Trubin hardly had time to react to the blow. But Cipriano in drop foot managed to clear the ball, which flew into the goal.

And that Maicon had scored the first goal in this match. At the beginning of the second half, full-back joined the attack, received a pass from Marcos Antonio to the penalty and in the fight with the rival in touch managed to fire a low.

Kolos is not very confused after a missed goal. And almost immediately created several opportunities to equalise. During one of the attacks is particularly dangerous shot frost. A player cannon shot from outside the penalty area, so Trubin just fists hit the ball in front of him.

Later another opportunity at the opposite goal miss Sickan. He will try to beat the goalkeeper in the penalty area, but by the time opponents just block him and will not break.

In the 60th minute, head coach of “Shakhtar” decided to freshen up the squad, having four new players. On the left Marlos, Junior Moraes, Alan, Patrick and Solomon. The game is at first little affected by the Pitmen continued to control the ball, but without special acuity is found.

Later on the field there was one player – Nikolay Matvienko was replaced by Vakula, who was injured. Thus when the Shakhtar player lay on the field writhing in pain, players “Spike” tried to organize a quick attack. Only Bogdanov tried to help the opponent.

And when was the last minute of stoppage time, Shakhtar doubled their advantage. Scored goal scored by Junior Moraes. For him, this goal was the 20th in the championship.

Match highlights of the match Shakhtar – ear

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