Shakhtar without problems won “Ingulets” and won the 13th Cup: video

"Шахтер" без проблем победил "Ингулец" и выиграл 13-й Кубок Украины: видео

Shakhtar Donetsk did not allow “Ingulets” to create a sensation in the final of the Ukrainian Cup of the season 2018/2019. “Miners” in Zaporozhye easily defeated the club from the First League.

Miner – Ingulets 4:0
: Aunt, 28, 39, Moraes, 45+1, Solomon, 64

Shakhtar, who won a record 12 Ukrainian ones, cautiously started the match against “Ingulets”. The club from the village of Petrovo never played in the final and also with great care stepped in. The first half-chance in the 7th minute gave the Pitmen. Moraes shot from outside the penalty area, but rush easily took the ball in his hands. “Ingulets” in response earned a free kick near the penalty area the Pitmen, however badly they have ordered.

In the 11th minute of the players, “Ingulets” organized a quick attack, which could be completed with at least a strike, but the defenders of Shakhtar made it back in time to their positions. After a minute, the nominal guests were to remain in the minority. Anton Sitnikov demolished Moraes on the edge of the area but the referee decided that Moraes was breaking the rules. Consequently, the “Ingulets” escaped the threat of penalty and removal of the goalkeeper.

On 24 minutes, Shakhtar claimed a penalty. Ismaily was knocked down in the penalty area but the referee again did not see a violation of the rules. I couldn’t do anything “Ingulets” for 28 minutes. Tyson gave the ball to Aunt, who was in the right place at the right time and shot in one touch – 1:0.

On 38 minutes, Tyson was in the center and was aiming into the top corner but Sitnikov reflected shock. As it turned out, the goalkeeper only delayed the goal of the Pitmen. A few seconds ismaily drilled a cross along the penalty area and the goal was scored Tete – 2:0. And in the stoppage time, the question of the winner took Junior Moraes. Moraes successfully opened in the penalty “Ingulets” and responded to the transfer of taison – 3:0.

Miner – Ingulets – live the best moments of the first half

In the opening minutes of the second half the players “Ingulets” tried to spend a few positional attacks, but “Shakhtar” the defense played reliably. On 53 minute, the Pitmen could have scored a fourth goal. Kovalenko brought Moraes face-to-face with prospects, but the striker failed to win microdeal. But on 64 minutes without a chance for Sitnikov struck manor Solomon. The Israeli who came on as a substitute, elegant shot from outside the box shot into the far corner.

Video Gol Solomon

After the fourth goal, Shakhtar continued to control the match. The Pitmen slowly conducted their attack and did not allow “Ingulets” to create some kind of threat near the goal. In the 74th minute nominal guests fled into a good counter-attack and could count on a goal of prestige. However, Sichinava unsuccessfully ordered the ball.

After two minutes, the obscene expense almost made Wellington Nem. The midfielder sent the ball past the goalkeeper “Ingulets”, but hit the post. In the 79th minute of their half-chances did not use Generous. The player “Ingulets” clocked defenders of Shakhtar, but his shot went straight into the hands of Shevchenko. Single opportunity to Excel “Ingulets” had 85 minutes, but again unsuccessfully played the free-kick. In stoppage time with a penalty kick almost scored, Ilya Kovalenko, but the goalkeeper was on the ball.

The Pitmen decided to limit himself to four goals and never have to worry Sitnikov. Thus, the “miner” for the fourth year in a row won the Cup of Ukraine final. On Sunday, may 19, the Pitmen can issue so-called “Golden double”, winning the championship of Ukraine. For this they need to overcome the “Dawn”.

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