“Shakhtar” won “Dynamo”, “dawn” back to top 6: the main results of the 14th round of the Premier League – 24 Channel

"Шахтар" перемагає "Динамо", "Зоря" знову в топ-6: головні підсумки 14-го туру УПЛ - 24 Канал

The 14th round of the Premier League was marked by the Ukrainian Clasico that had everything – goals, deletions, enchanting return and an unexpected outcome in the last second of the match. And playing in an empty stadium in Odessa and changes in the standings as a whole.

“Mariupol” is in the top 5

Started the tour with a match in Mariupol, where the team took “Arsenal-Kiev”. Despite the fact that the gunners are” on the last line, they were able to give battle to the home team. Especially trying goalie Sitalo, who time after time saved his team from conceding a goal. Not saved in a single moment.

In this match is to provide a goal Vakula (and the player). The midfielder until the end played at this point, opened, beat, accurate shot.

With this victory, “Mariupol” entrenched in fifth place in the standings. “Arsenal-Kiev” and in the future last.

The voltage of the “classic”

For this match cats. What places were the teams in the standings, the confrontation between Shakhtar and Dynamo attracts attention. So at this time. This match spectators in the stands gave all the hope for fans of “Dynamo” after the first half, to the delight of fans of “Shakhtar” at the end of the match. And tension until the final whistle.

Game is distinguished by high speed, dangerous moments. And who knows what would be the final result, if not removal. And so we have the separation of Shakhtar on eight points from Dynamo after the 14th round. The title race is not over, but the struggle to impose the favorite to anyone?


It is worth noting that this is the first winning coach of “Shakhtar” Fonseca over Khatskevich in the championship.

In addition, the Dynamo suffered a second consecutive defeat in the championship.

The return of the tour

In addition to the victory over the “Dynamo” in this match for the fans of “Shakhtar” was another joy were back on the pitch their captain Tyson. He entered the field in the second half and kissed the victory. It was his pass and was scored the first goal in gate “the Dynamo”.

The goal of the tour

In this round were scored not so many goals. For six matches only one defeat – in Odessa. Therefore, the goal of the tour was a Kovalenko shot in gate of “Dynamo”. Here it is worth noting the beauty of the shot, and the importance of goals, and the time when it is full.

Video goals Kovalenko in the Dynamo goal

Figure tour

1000. Just as many heads at the time of independence Shakhtar conceded. The author of the jubilee goal was the midfielder of “Dynamo” Shaparenko.

“Karpaty” rise up

The calendar was developed so that Karpaty Lviv six matches in a row (one in the Cup) must spend away from home. Five of them have already played. And the last three games in a row won. The third was the match against “Olympic” in Kiev.

Karpaty pretty quickly went ahead distinguished Ponda. This is the third consecutive goal for a striker. Prior to that he scored against Chornomorets and brought victory in the Cup match. In the second half, the Swede scored from the penalty spot. It was the midfielder became the hero of the match when he assisted the first goal and scored the second.

It is worth noting that the “Carpathians” second attack in the League – 19 goals scored. More scored only Shakhtar (36 goals), and “Alexandria” also has 19 goals scored. However, the “green-whites” is a negative difference between scored and missed -2. More conceded only “Arsenal-Kiev” (25 goals), “Chernomorets” (24 goals) and Marseille (22 goals). “Mariupol”, too, 21 goals conceded.

Alexandria loses the ability to bypass the “Dynamo”

In case of victory over “Desna” at home, “Alexandria” could be compared on points with “the Dynamo”. And under certain conditions, in and around Kiev (the match between them in Alexandria is scheduled for 25 November). And Chernihiv team proved too obstinate for the home team. Managed to score only with a penalty.

And guests is missed in the end of the meeting. So I played a draw (the only one in this round) and missed the opportunity to catch up with Dynamo. But the “gums” on the seventh position, with the gap at one point from the top 6.

Anti-hero/hero of the match

Match in Alexandria was special at least for one player. Andriy Gitchenko. Last season, the defender played for “Alexandria”, and this stands for “Gum”. In the match between these teams he first became an anti-hero of the match when he played a hand in own penalty area. Precisely because it has been assigned a penalty, which brought Zaporojan, “Alexandria” forward. And in the 87th minute it Gitchenko and equalized, successfully played in the free kick.

Lions lost a home match in Poltava

It so happened that lions match 3-go round against “Vorskla” was to play in Poltava. But then the local stadium “Vorskla” was prepared for the Europa League matches, so the game was moved to Lviv. But the nominal owner left Poltava. Therefore, in the match of the 14th round between these two teams in Poltava nominal owners were citizens.

And “lions” have lost this game. Categorically. The team for the entire match, creating three scoring chances. In one of them in the beginning of the meeting, Bruno hit the crossbar. And subsequently, the full initiative is possessed by the players “Vorskla”. And scored twice. In the end, it was enough to win.

Thanks to this victory “Vorskla” stuck on the fourth line. The third “Alexandria” is now only three points away from the fifth “Mariupol” and in the future four points.

Historical match in Poltava

April 3, 2016 historical event took place in the Ukrainian football then match of the Premier League between Volyn and Chornomorets judged a female referee Catherine Mosul. 4 November 2018, there was another historic event – the match in Lviv – Vorskla judged by a judging team composed solely of women. Referee – Catherine Monsul, assistant referee – Marina and Alexander Strilets Ardasheva and the fourth referee – Anastasia Romanyuk.

“Chernomorets” plays the eighth match in the championship

Odessa “Chernomorets” continues to go down. The team suffered its eighth defeat in the championship in a row. This time on a private field, a crushing lost to Zorya. Although limited to only three goals, not five, as it was in the match against Karpaty.

Such series, as the game – the reason for the resignation of the head coach. And while the angel Chervenkov not left the post of coach of “Chernomorets”.

But “dawn” ended its series of six wins in a row without a win. Last time Zorya won 2 of September, beating out “Arsenal-Kiev” 0:5.

A misunderstanding of the tour

The match took place in Odessa in front of empty stands. And not using a penalty “Chernomorets”. No, to hold the match without spectators decided the management of the Odessa club.

“Ukrainian law enforcement agencies cannot provide security guarantees for regular match at the stadium “Chernomorets”, – said at the club. So I decided that it is better to play without spectators.

Later it appeared that the fans of “Chernomorets” had planned to disrupt the match against Zorya.

The results of the matches

Mariupol – Arsenal Kyiv 1:0
Goal: Vakula, 81

Shakhtar – Dinamo 2:1
Goals: Moraes, 54, Kovalenko, 90+4 – Shaparenko, 44
Removal: KENDZERA, 90+2 (Dynamo)

Olympic – Karpaty 1:2
Goals: To Eat. The pasic, 90+1 – Ponda, 5, Swede, 73 (pen)

Alexandria – Gum 1:1
Goal: Zaporojan, 53 (foams.) – Gitchenko, 88

Lviv – Vorskla 0:2
Goals: Child, 19, Yakub, 39

Chernomorets – Zorya 0:3
Goals: Priests, 27, Mayboroda, 66, Karavaev, 72

"Шахтар" перемагає "Динамо", "Зоря" знову в топ-6: головні підсумки 14-го туру УПЛ - 24 Канал

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