Shanghai: center of attraction talent

Шанхай: место притяжения талантов

From the old quarters of the 14th century to the futuristic skyscrapers of Shanghai – the symbol of modern China, which, not forgetting about the past, feel free to boost the future. Shanghai tops the list of cities with best conditions for business development and innovation. They come here from all over the world to invent, test, sell and prosper – hence his cosmopolitan spirit

In addition, the city is the financial Mecca of China. Shanghai is making every effort to talented entrepreneurs sought here to stay. To their services – hospitality, assistance in business organization, comfort and the most advanced technology at every corner.

We – in the company of Xiaoi, it is a world leader in the development of robotechnology and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. Her “talking head” is one of the most advanced robots in China.

Makino Mao, Director of marketing, XIaoi robot technology: “robotics is a moving device, which is able also to perceive speech, commands, and reply. That is, with a robot possible a meaningful dialogue. It is used in the educational sector, in medicine, useful for some types of business and popular entertainment”.

How Shanghai over a relatively short period of time managed to become the Asian center of attraction startups from around the world?

Makino Mao, Director of marketing, XIaoi robot technology: “traditionally, Shanghai was the international financial center that attracts the region’s entrepreneurial, wealthy, talented people. The authorities offer them with competent help. Strategically important location of Shanghai plus the factors I have mentioned – here’s the formula dizzying success.”

Imagine a city where you can take a bike. Mobike group is offering this service for short urban trips.

Hye Han Ki, Manager, Mobike: “We offer bikes that are not tied to Parking. Customers like this format more, they are freer in the choice. So, through a mobile application you find closest to you bike (the process is like a game of pokemon). Found? Scan the code located on the handlebars or under the seat. Your bike unlocked, you can go. When the trip is over, you do the same – lock the bike through the bar code”.

Very convenient: wanted – took, want – back. Do not forget to download the mobile app and recharge your e-wallet.

Hye Han Ki, Manager, Mobike: “Our bikes are equipped with GPS system other GPS devices , so you can very accurately determine the coordinates of the nearest bike from your phone”.

The company saw the light of day in 2015. According to the Directorate, today at the world travel about 6 million bikes, making in the aggregate up to 20 million trips by day.

Shanghai is a recognized cultural and entertainment center; the city is also famous for excellent infrastructure for meetings, business shows, conferences. The participants of the events – a modern hotel with innovative equipment for work and leisure.

The task of the Shanghai hotels is to be remembered, to stand out and to bind the customer. As in Shanghai often come on business, the hotels offer an incredible combination that allows to combine business and leisure.

Paul Alexander, the General Manager of Wanda Reign on the Bund Hotel:- “Shanghai capital of the import-export operations, trade in General in Asia. Pass through the city flows of goods and suggestions. It is no coincidence that is where the development initiative of “One belt and one road” in the spirit of the New silk road. That means new projects, more business and visitors. They should easily be able to make decisions in Shanghai.”

Initiatives aimed at tomorrow, and respect for the day yesterday. Tired of the hassles? Embark on a unique water village Zhu Jia Jiao in the suburbs of Shanghai. It was built 1700 years ago and is proudly called by the locals, the Chinese Venice. About the similarity with the Italian city is debatable, but the principle is really the same – the bridges, canals, life, subordinate to the water. Here you can buy traditional Souvenirs, try unusual food or take calligraphy lessons.

And then back into the heart of the business of the Shanghai – national exhibition centre, the biggest complex of its kind in the world. It was opened in 2015: under its roof – 860 thousand square meters of exhibition space.

Pen Chung Yang, General Manager, national exhibition centre: “the’Shanghai exhibition center – a kind of giant aircraft carrier that serves the exhibition and advertising sector. I think, more to say about the center is not as complex, but how about the platform. Yes, exactly, this is a national trade fair platform, which is connected to the ongoing Chinese reforms. The construction of the New silk road is impossible without the support of the Shanghai center. This is a link, a platform for meetings of businessmen, politicians, promoters, consumers in Shanghai.”

Business card of Shanghai – the Huangpu river and the port. The river divides the city into two mega – region, called for simplicity the Western and Eastern coasts.

Fang AO, the operator of river cruises: “‘By 2020, we intend to increase services for those wishing to explore the river to its highest level in the classification of tourism products. We expect the highest demand for trips on the water with lunch or dinner on Board. Our clients are middle class people and above. We carefully think through the menu to satisfy the most exacting demand.”

Even with the most intense program in Shanghai, you find time to walk in time. Yuyuan garden in the heart of the old city was built 400 years ago. Translated from Chinese, it’s “Garden joy” or “Garden of leisurely holiday”, this pastoral world inside of a modern metropolis. The joy here is palpable at every step. Walk, enjoy and don’t forget to have a drink in one of the traditional cafes of strong tea. Or snack, it’s also part of the Shanghai philosophy of a leisurely vacation.

In Shanghai you have to get rid of stereotypes about the traditional Chinese cuisine is served here many, varied and quite unlike other regions of the country. Where to eat – a question in Shanghai is not worth it. From street cafes to fine dining restaurants – the choice is yours.

Louise Wang, a representative of the restaurant YongFoo Elite: “the Shanghai approach to cooking reflects the philosophy of life of Shanghai people, and there’s an attention to detail. Our team aims at the preservation and development of culinary traditions in the city, we pay special attention to the choice of foods and ways of treatment”.

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