Shares in Lebanon: police used tear gas

Акции в Ливане: полиция применила слезоточивый газ

In Beirut and Tripoli has intensified anti-government protests in response to the sharp collapse of the national currency.

In the heart of Beirut, the army and the police used tear gas grenades against anti-government demonstrators. On 12 June, reported the Agency TASS.

It is noted that means of restraint used in response to aggression by the protesters, who pelted the soldiers with stones and firecrackers. The rioters in some places, smashed the Windows of banks and private offices.

In clashes in Tripoli, injured at least eight people. There the police used tear gas and batons against demonstrators who tried to seize the building of the branch of the Lebanese Central Bank.

By midnight, the protesters blocked all main motorway to the North and South of the country.

“We are starting a new revolution, our patience is over”? said one of the leaders of the student movement Mustafa Rizk.

Recall that the protests in the capital and other cities of Lebanon caused by the sharp fall in the exchange rate of the national currency? from 3900 to 5000. Lebanese pounds to the dollar.

The cause of the collapse believe the head of the Central Bank of Lebanon Riad Salam and require the authorities to send him into retirement.

The fate of the banker will be decided on Friday at an emergency meeting of the government.

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