Shares of Bayer fell after the decision of the us court of glyphosate

Акции Bayer упали после решения американского суда по глифосату

A jury in San Francisco has recognized that glyphosate, contained in the tool against weeds, can contribute to cancer. Shares of the German company Bayer fell by 13 percent.

The jury of the Federal court in San Francisco on Wednesday, March 20, recognized the chemical glyphosate is a “significant factor” contributing to the development of cancer 70-year-old man, actively using it for nearly three decades. The jury’s decision should become a precedent, as was first considered in the Federal court of the United States, and only American courts is about 11 thousand lawsuits against Monsanto produces glyphosate as the means for the destruction of weeds.

American process has a direct impact on the German economy, as German company Bayer in 2018, the company was bought by Monsanto for 63 billion dollars, which was the most expensive foreign sales made by the German company in history. Since the announcement of the decision of the jury of Bayer shares fell by 13 percent. Since the purchase of Monsanto shares of the German company fell by 40 percent.

The company was ordered to pay such $ 78 million

22 Oct 2018 court in California has ordered Monsanto to pay another victim with cancer $ 78 million. The jury found that the herbicide glyphosate is “largely” contributed to the development of the disease in a 46-year-old man. Previously, he worked as the caretaker of the school grounds and used the product for several years. According to the jury, the company did not warn buyers of its products that herbicides can lead to cancer.

Among experts there is no consensus about the impact of glyphosate on human health. Previously, the Agency for environmental protection, the U.S. and several regulators in the European Union reported no risk of cancer resulting from the use of this herbicide. In turn, in 2015, the world health organization (who) said that the substance may be a carcinogen.

The us company Monsanto, one of the leaders in the world market sales of genetically modified seeds and herbicides. June 2018, it belongs to German concern Bayer. Glyphosate is widely used including in Russia, where this chemical as a means of weed control sold under the names “roundup”, “Glitr”, “Tornado”, “Hurricane”


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