Sharks leave coral reefs

Акулы покидают коралловые рифы

Extensive research has shown that sharks left every fifth of the surveyed coral reefs in different parts of the world.

An international group of scientists studied the biodiversity 371 reef, located in the territorial waters of 58 countries, and found that sharks almost never occur in 20% of them.

“This does not mean that these reefs never had sharks. This means that they are “functionally extinct”, that is not playing its normal role in the ecosystem,” explained Colin Simpfendorfer (Colin Simpfendorfer) from James cook University (Australia).

Sharks were very rare guests on 69 surveyed reefs, which geographically belong to the Dominican Republic, French West Indies, Kenya, Vietnam, Qatar, and the Caribbean Netherlands. Over 800 hours of observations on these reefs was seen only three sharks.

According to experts, sharks prefer to stay away from coral reefs because of human activity in these areas.