Sharply began to fall: the national Bank kept the appreciation of the hryvnia to the dollar, what to expect

Резко начал падать: Нацбанк сдержал повышение курса гривны к доллару, чего ждать

Thursday, October 31, the U.S. dollar has fallen markedly. The interbank market opened at the level 24,86-24,91, however further quotes showed a decrease to the level of 24.74-24,77 UAH./$ at the end of the session. About this informed the head of Treasury Bank Credit Dnepr Oleg Kurinnoy – informed on the website

As of 12 hours reference rate was 24,8345 UAH./dollars. For tomorrow, the official exchange rate will be 24,8191 UAH./ dollars. This is 18 cents below the current rate.

The amount of free liquidity increased by 0,1 billion UAH. amounting to 121,1 billion UAH. while the remains of the banks at accounts with the NBU increased by 0.75 bln. and reached 50.1 billion UAH. and the volume of liquidity, the NBU mobilized through the certificates of Deposit decreased by 0.6 billion UAH. accounting for 70.9 billion UAH. – informed Kurinnoy.

The cash market opened with quotations of 24.83-24,90, and by mid-day they declined to 24.77-24,82 UAH./ dollars.

– The main factor of influence on exchange rate trends today was the last day of the fiscal month, finishing market participants payments to contractors and fixation of financial institutions ‘ currency positions, which boosted the supply of currency, sagging of quotations and involvement of the regulator in trading for redemption of excess supply to smooth revalvatsionnye dynamics, which was also supported by the cash market, reported Kurinnoy.

According to forecasts, treasurers, Friday, 1 November, the auction will be held in the range of 24.80-24,90 UAH./ dollars.

Резко начал падать: Нацбанк сдержал повышение курса гривны к доллару, чего ждать