Shary: 13.09 11.55 in Sternenko was in the office of the Prosecutor General of Ryaboshapka

Шарий: 13.09 в 11.55 Стерненко находился в кабинете генпрокурора Рябошапки

Political activist and blogger Anatoly Shary confirmed Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the “Servants of the people,” Alexander Dubinsky on the delay of attracting Sergey Sternenko responsible for the murder due to the fact that he now comes to reception to the Prosecutor General of the Ruslan Ryaboshapka here. About it Anatoly Shary said in his video blog.

According to Anatoly Sharia against Sergei Sternenko instituted several criminal cases, is the kidnapping and bodily injury, etc.

In his video blog Anatoly recalls the words of Alexander Dubinsky, who asked the question, because delaying things on the Sternenka that last personally visit the office of Mr. attorney-General of Ryaboshapka.

“Look, the information at first glance, absolutely fantastic. At first glance this can not be. The new government came. This is a new person trusts Zelensky and so on. But, asking for his sources, we have found the following information that what is mentioned Alexander, I don’t know what this refers to the number, but I do know that in 13.09 11.55 – 11.56 in Sergey Sternenko was in the office of the Prosecutor General of Ryaboshapko”.