“She drinks and smokes, and teaches me”: how the son made Guzeevu to quit drinking and Smoking

«Сама бухает и курит, а меня учит»: как сын заставил Гузееву бросить пить и курить

The permanent presenter of the popular show “let’s get married” 61-year-old Larisa Guzeeva often shares with viewers an entertaining, and sometimes instructive stories of his past life.

The other day, instructing the bride, accustomed to solve their problems with alcohol, Larisa Guzeeva remembered how once on the bench drunk disrupted the play and how little son George weaned her from alcoholism.

Larisa Guzeeva with her son George

According to the actress, in her youth she led a rather dissolute life. Then for her to drink and smoke was in order. One day the actress came on the show in the state of alcoholic intoxication, and despite his not entirely sober view came on the scene.

“And I think: let me fall. And I fell and I feel so good. I once rolled, some sort of gag was to wear. Look, some tension and think to myself – I am a genius play, I’m Sarah Bernard,” recalls Guzeeva about disrupted the play.

Once Larissa, single-handedly bringing up his son George, made the boy a note and hear after the answer that forced her to take another look at yourself and your life. “She drinks and smokes, and teaches me,” said George. Larisa thought, and quit bad habits.

Now Larissa is sure that no normal man will not live with a drunken woman. Recall that Larisa Guzeeva happy in a third marriage with restaurateur Igor Buharov. The couple has a daughter, Olga, which this year will be 20 years.

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