“She was crawling near the feet of the dinosaurs”: the Scientists found a snail age 99 million years

Myanmar is considered to be “Klondike” among paleontologists, because the next sensation was waiting for the scientific world it is in this area.

«Она ползала возле ног динозавров»: Ученые нашли улитку возрастом 99 млн лет

Scientists found a snail age 99 million years embedded in the resin relict pine, and easier in the amber drop. As shown by subsequent analysis, and in the old days, which left nothing but the fossilized remains of relict animals, a snail crawling at the feet of the dinosaurs as well as now after the rain crawls to the feet of the modern gardeners. Paleontologists were delighted with his finds, because now there has been a relationship between the dimensions of living organisms and their ways of eating when global cataclysms.

It is worth while to recall the theory about the “omnipresence of cockroaches”, which is widespread in non-scientific circles. With the discovery of the snails that lived in the Cretaceous period and has not changed, according to evolutionary theory, biologists have considered how current and common form of Cyclophoridae, could persist for hundreds of millions of years in its previous form.

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