Shevchenko naturalization Moraes, the game with Portugal and the call Rakitskiy

Шевченко о натурализации Мораеса, игру с Португалией и вызов Ракицкого

Head coach of Ukraine spoke to the press before the meeting of the main team. Among the topics – the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by Shakhtar’s striker Junior Moraes and the game against Portugal on March 22. Not without the question of Yaroslav Rakitskiy, who moved to the Russian “Zenith” and received a call on the fee.

– Now speak about naturalization Junior Moraes. Will he be able to strengthen our team already in the match with Portugal?
– This is news to me. Now I still do not have any information. If he really received the Ukrainian passport, will contact him and find out. If he really will have Ukrainian citizenship, I will consider it as a candidate.

– The first match you will play against the Portuguese national team – the current champion of Europe. What will be the strategy on the game?
– Against the best players in the world vs Cristiano Ronaldo strategy to develop is very difficult. He is in fine form, and we must work as a team. I don’t see any chance to play with him individually. We need to build our game at the expense of collectivism. We need to push Cristiano farther from the gate. A hat-trick, which he did in the last match of the Champions League, again suggests that age for him – not a hindrance. Those same admirable qualities, a great game in the penalty area… We looked at a lot of matches the national team of Portugal and is well aware of its capabilities.

– In the team there were Yaroslav Rakitskiy. Can you comment on this decision

I haven’t spoken with Yaroslav not when he made the decision to change the club, nor after. I as the head coach of the action in the interests of the team and call the players that are in the best shape. For me, this question is settled.

– In what condition are the players who arrived at the team, and what program of preparation for the next match?
We caused a large number of performers, even more than going to Portugal and Luxembourg. This is due to the fact that the Dynamo had a lot of fights. Therefore, we must assess the readiness of our players and look at their physical condition. Now we will have four full day’s training. Now all in norm, only Kovalenko feels a little discomfort. He passed the test, view.

– If all lines are completed, if there are any concerns?
So far, so good, in all lines there is full competition. And the results of the training, we will make a decision, talk to the players.

– Often team performers come in different psychological States associated with performances in clubs. Your secrets address this issue, particularly with the players “Dynamo” after the match against Chelsea?
Is my main goal when meeting with the players. They need to regroup and leave any club issues. They arrived in a completely different atmosphere, with other tasks. Helps me minds of the players and their motivation.

Now we are expecting a tough match with Portugal, and each of the players understands that there is a chance to make up for any club failures. It is for them an additional incentive.

– There will be two games with different opponents. How to relax in front of the Luxembourg?
– Psychologically? Give three points for a win in any game. To achieve our goals and get to the championship, every game should be score maximum points. And each of the players knows it…

– It’s no secret that “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar” has problems in defense. What do you think to solve this problem and you are not going to use Zinchenko left in defense, where he plays well in Manchester city?

So, it is perfectly valid for the last two months. And for us it is a big plus. Previously, he played with us in the middle line, but may consider the question and playing defense. First of all have to see who is in what condition, and will be there to solve it. We have a clear strategy on this game. It is important that the players came up motivated and in good physical condition. Portugal are a great team, they play at home, keeps the ball well, so we have a lot of work.

– Given the injury to Yarmolenko, Rakitskiy will play on the right flank or inside?
– Marlos, as Zinchenko, can act on several positions. Will decide closer to the match.

– Who would you highlight among the players of the national team of Luxembourg – not the most formidable of our opponents?
– Some of the players are difficult to identify, but I have a list of their performers. I think this team defends well, plays with great desire for home. They have several tall players who are excellent at set-pieces. Therefore, we must approach this game very seriously.