Ship Elon musk blew off: “it will Take a few weeks for repair” photos

Корабль Илона Маска снесло ветром: "Потребуется несколько недель для ремонта", фото

Within a few weeks, the photographers took pictures retro shiny rockets from stainless steel, which was formed on the launch pad SpaceX in South Texas, and tonight SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that pRosada night wind speeds of 80 kilometers per hour broke the attachment to the blocks and the head of the rocket fell off, the repair would take a few weeks

Musk tweeted a photo of the “star hopper” with a height of almost 40 meters. It consists of three sections, which were collected together in the factory SpaceX at Boca Chica.

“This is the actual picture, not the project. The spaceship will look like liquid silver,” wrote Musk previously. But the rocket really looks like an illustration, which Musk has shared a few days before. Starship is the latest incarnation of the spacecraft, previously known as the Interplanetary Transport System, Mars Colonial Transporter, the Rocket is a Large Falcon or BFR.

Musk says that the vehicle, combined with a huge rocket booster, known as super-heavy, can be used for transcontinental flights from two points on the Earth, and to deploy satellite constellations, travel around the moon and on its surface, to fly to Mars and back.

The rocket uses a new type of stainless steel alloy it is the best way to lose heat from the surface of the ship when it moves in the atmosphere.

The ship, built in Texas, designed to fly short distances to practice takeoffs and landings, as well as missile platform SpaceX Grasshopper and F9R Dev system, was used as test platforms for landing of Falcon 9 in 2012-2014. The American billionaire Elon Musk has shared information on the future starship. CEO of SpaceX revealed one of the secrets of the construction of an interplanetary ship. It is planned that the star cruiser will deliver people to the moon, and then to transfer to Mars.

Elon Musk said about renaming built rockets Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). How to write CEO of SpaceX in his microblog, the spacecraft will be called “Starship”. In the comments to your post, he explained that future versions of “Starship” will be able to get to other star systems.

According to the engineers, the spacecraft will need to deliver astronauts to the moon, and then to transfer colonists to Mars. The length of the “Starship” will exceed 100 meters, diameter – 9 meters. It is also known that the missile will be installed 31 engine.

Корабль Илона Маска снесло ветром: "Потребуется несколько недель для ремонта", фото

Корабль Илона Маска снесло ветром: "Потребуется несколько недель для ремонта", фото