Ship Elon musk Dragon-2 successfully docked with the ISS

Корабль Илона Маска Dragon-2 успешно состыковался с МКС

To the International space station (ISS) docked the first private spacecraft Dragon-2 (Crew Dragon), the broadcast was carried on the website of Space X.

Before the crew will have access to the goods delivered to the ship, it is necessary to conduct a series of tests, said Space X. the Docking took place at 05:51 Eastern time (12:51 Kyiv time). As explained in NASA, at this point, the ISS was over New Zealand.

Dragon-2 launched from Cape Canaveral the day before, on March 2. Its first flight is a test – instead of a crew it flew dummy, in honor of the heroine of the movie “Alien” called Ripley. On the mannequin placed sensors that will help you understand safe for human flight in a Dragon-2. To start used a reusable Falcon 9 rocket, after the ship went into orbit, it successfully landed on a platform in the Atlantic ocean.

According to SpaceX plans in case of success of the mission with the dummy in the future, the company will test system abort, and in July Dragon-2 will send to the ISS with the crew.

Thus, the company SpaceX could replace the Russian rocket “Soyuz” to deliver crews to the International space station.