“Shoot lightly – all”: Yarosh lashed out at Kivu

"Перестреляем легонько - и все": Ярош набросился на Киву

The former leader of the organization “Right sector” and now the commander of the Ukrainian volunteer army (UDA), Dmitry Yarosh very sharply expressed in the address of Deputy Ilya Kiva. According to Yarosh, the controversial MP could pose a threat to the state.

Former leader of the “Right sector” believes that the leftist organization “For life”, which was created by Kiva, that other, as attempt to “revolt against the state”. Also in an interview with “Obozrevatel” Yarosh stressed that the fight against such measures needs to be tough and decisive.

“I’m not a boy to run after them and fight. Just shoot lightly – and all” – said Dmitry Medvedev.

The commander of the UDA also recalled the early incidents related to the activities of the “left”, for example, their activity in the period of the revolution of Dignity on Maidan. The politician stressed the fact that representatives of these organizations came to the defense of Ukraine under the Russian attack.

At the same time, the leader of the UDA said that leftist organizations can be dangerous only when there is a strong patron, for example, Russia. If it turns out that this is so, these people should just “shoot”.

“This is no politics, it is anti – state rebellion. And it must be very hard to suppress,” says Yarosh.