“Shoot to kill”: the President of Ukraine said that sleeping with a weapon

"Стреляю на поражение": президент Украины рассказал, что спит с оружием

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk said that concern about personal safety for a long time he became a habit

Answering a quick question about what he fears, the former politician said: “not afraid of Anything. I’ve been sleeping with weapons, and even their guard was warned that if I am who? you will want to come by last night to visit, shoot to kill. I uninvited guests are not happy,” reports “Hvil”.

Kravchuk did not specify what kind of weapon used to sleep, but their most expensive purchase over the past ten years called the gun of the firm Merkel.

In addition, long-gone from the public policy of the Kravchuk told reporters, now pass his days. In particular, the morning of the first President of Ukraine begins with a meeting with their Pets.

“I have dogs, German shepherd and mongrel foundling. I woke up, immediately go to them to say Hello, to see his eyes. And then in any weather and time of year we are with them for a walk in the fresh air for about an hour,” – said Kravchuk.

He now lives in the elite village Koncha Zaspa with the high iron fence on two-storey former government dacha, which modestly calls a small house – his ex-politician long ago bought from the state.

After rising at seven in the morning, walking around the neighborhood and a light Breakfast the former President about two hours spent in the gym. Only after this official Mercedes Executive class brings it on the street Grushevskogo. Here, near the Cabinet, is the office of the public organization Ukraine – China. Kravchuk is its honorary President – and several other organizations.

Earlier ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk appeared on a talk show in Russia, much cheered up by the Russians. The first President of Ukraine blessed a full-time propagandist Olga Skobeeva and the TV channel “Russia-1” direct inclusion.

Telling the truth about Ukraine and Russia, and at the same time, poveselil the Russian audience, because to them on a talk show with a bow the whole Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk arrived.

"Стреляю на поражение": президент Украины рассказал, что спит с оружием

"Стреляю на поражение": президент Украины рассказал, что спит с оружием