Shooting in California: the FBI found no evidence of accomplices have downed su – 24 Channel

Стрілянина у Каліфорнії: ФБР не знайшло доказів наявності спільників у каліфорнійського стрільця - 24 Канал

Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. state of California found no evidence that John David long who shot and killed 12 people in Thousand Oaks were accomplices.

On Thursday the Deputy Director of the division of the FBI Los Angeles Paul Delacourt at a press conference, which was broadcast on Central television channels.

While nothing indicates the existence of accomplices or other threats to Los Angeles
– said Delacourt.

He also added that the investigators are now conducting a search in the house long near Thousand Oaks, as well as in his car. An FBI spokesman explained that the government is trying to establish the motives of the perpetrator. Paul Delacourt has emphasized that “to speculate on this, it would be premature”.

24 channel earlier reported that in one of city bars, Thousand Oaks (California, USA) the unknown began to shoot visitors and staff, in the end became victims of the malefactor at least 12 people, including a police officer.

We will remind that on October 27 in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) was another terrible shooting. An unknown man opened fire on people who were in the synagogue. Killed more than 10 people. After a shootout with police, the assailant surrendered to the police.

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