Shooting in the Palace and improvised dance: what surprised Jamal new clip Solo

Съемки во дворце и импровизированные танцы: чем удивляла Джамала в новом клипе Solo

Ukrainian singer Jamal has published the long-awaited clip for the song Solo. In the video, the artist together with the Director Anne of Burakovo raised important psychological themes and showed the isolation of man in his own world.

Premiere of the new video hosted on the YouTube channel Jamala on may 21. For the video Solo the Director chose a very sophisticated place, the Palace of the Countess Uvarova in Kiev. So the audience can see the luxurious rooms, decorated with stucco. According to Anna Burakova, the location was symbolic, because with Jamala she wanted to show the space in which man hiding from reality.

The idea of the video is very in tune with the themes that I’m breaking in their songs. Transparent cube as the symbol of the crystal castle, where we hide from reality and other people the internal the search of the heroine expressed in three different ways,
– said Jamal.

This concept is most liked Jamal, but its implementation was quite complex. The singer admitted that most of the time on set was spent in a closed glass box where there was no access to fresh air.

Shooting was difficult. Most of the time I was in a closed glass box with no access of fresh air, so it was difficult to not only move, but breathe at all. The temperature there was almost like a sauna. It was necessary to sing and dance in a rather difficult dress and with a very heavy ornaments. It is noteworthy that in this video is Director. All my dancing is improvisation on the set, added Jamal.

Note that this is not the first collaboration of the actress with Anne of Benackova. Earlier the Director shot for Jamala’s video for the song The Great Pretender. In addition, she actively cooperates with “Ocean Elzy” Pianoboy, “Another river” and BRUTTO.

Watch the clip of Jamala’s song Solo: video