Shopping center “Barabashovo” is beyond politics and does not conduct any strikes, the statement

ТЦ «Барабашово» вне политики и не проводит никаких забастовок, - заявление

In social networks there is a massive dissemination of false information about the preparation of the entrepreneurs of the shopping center “Barabashovo” strike on Wednesday, February 27, and picket the city Council of Kharkov on the same day. In addition, this false information has already published some Internet-editions.

In this regard, the administration of the shopping center “Barabashovo” declares that this information is not true. In addition, the statement was made by trade Union organizations, public associations and activists of the Mall, reports Business capital.

“Shopping center “Barabashovo” 27 Feb, as well as in other days, in normal operation, the operating time: from 07:00 to 16:00. Training neither to strike nor to picket does not occur”, – noted in a press-service of TTS.

As reported in the administration, dissemination of incorrect information comes from representatives of some action groups that are more political activity than entrepreneurial.

In administration TTS are confident that the impetus for the actions of these representatives of initiative groups were reported on the overwhelming desire of entrepreneurs of the shopping center to continue lease relations with the administration of the shopping center “Barabashovo”, as well as information on new investment proposals for the development of TTS.

“At a time when productive dialogue with the administration, developed a “road map”, when it is important to work and not to undermine the situation, there are those who are trying by manipulation to involve entrepreneurs in the political game. These people have neither moral nor any other right to represent our interests, to speak on our behalf. On Wednesday February 27 as always, we will work, – said the activists and representatives of trade Union organizations of the shopping center.