Should be ashamed: Zelensky responded to accusations of Sharia in custom-made “murder”

Стыдно должно быть: Зеленский отреагировал на обвинения Шария в заказном «убийстве»

Video blogger Anatoly Shary trying to raise their rating due to the rating of the President of Ukraine. This was stated by Vladimir

Thus the head of state responded to the accusations from the Sharia.

“The only thing I don’t seem very good to try to improve their ratings by my rating, the rating of the President or my personality, or our party. I think this is wrong and should be ashamed,” he said.

While Zelensky added that he supporters of Sharia uninteresting and he doesn’t know how this circumstance to comment.

However, he also spoke about the attacks on members of the “party of Sharia”.

According to the President, he is not engaged in attacks on any political party and suggested that the journalists see it.

“Knowing that I have a very liberal attitude towards media, it’s true. Not only that, I don’t attack nor the Lord of the Sharia, or there “Nazarus”. Moreover, they say of me things which, I think, ashamed to speak in principle to the person about the person. But, well, it’s their life,” he concluded. Zelensky “ordered his murder”

Vladimir Zelensky