Shouting about love “Raschke” in Kiev beat up the Director of “Babylon’13”

С криками о любви к "Рашке" в Киеве избили режиссера "Вавилон'13"

Unknown beat the Director of the project “Babylon’13” Yuri Gruzinova in a cafe in the center of Kiev. The incident broke out because of Russian music.

“I love Raschke!” – with these words I got punched in the face at the cave. “Wait for the investigators”, and the like. By the way, huge Hello to the police with the number 24963,” – said the Director.

The Georgians said that the incident happened in the school “Brighton beach” in the Pechersk district of the capital. That conflict broke out because of Russian music, the Director told the author of the website “Documents” Helen of Corcodel.

“Sitting in a cafe, playing Russian music. One track, second, third, I put the backpack on the table where we were sitting. The waitress came and by Fiat tone said that I should remove from the table a backpack, because it is a rule of the institution. I asked to see where it is written, I said that it’s an unspoken rule!”, – transferred words of Gruzinova Korkodil.

In response, the Director complained about the Russian songs, sounded in the cafe.

And here the man cried out: “I love Raschke!”. I tried to ask him what exactly? Until I asked a completely different mouflon from the backhand smacked me and dumped!,

– told the Georgians.

After that, the Director went to the hospital and he got stitches. How to respond to the incident, the police will be announced on Monday, April 8, said the Georgians.

What is known about Yuri Gruzinova?

The Director, a native of Russia, representative of the creative Association “Babylon’13”, which was filmed by the events of the revolution of Dignity in 2014. The Georgians took the first death on the Maidan. For a series of historical documentary films of independence received the Shevchenko prize. Now the Director filmed the war in the Donbass.

Georgians is the co-author of the film “the First hundred” about a huge change in Ukraine. Together with the operator Yaroslav Pilunsky was among the first detainees of representatives of Ukraine during the annexation of Crimea forces of Russia. The story of the liberation of the filmmakers got a response.

Their first joint film about the Revolution of Dignity, “vavilonia” called “Stronger than weapons”.

See the film “Babylon’13” is “Stronger than weapons”:

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С криками о любви к "Рашке" в Киеве избили режиссера "Вавилон'13"