Show failed: major failure in the Kerch Strait suffered a “military society”

Шоу не удалось: крупная неудача в Керченском проливе постигла "военное общество"

The Russians decided to make the crossing of the Kerch Strait on armored vehicles, but the show failed.

The RAID involved a group of three BRDM, but halfway in one of the cars stalled engine and found a leak.

Military equipment was shipped from the Taman Peninsula to the Crimean coast. In the middle of the race it was discovered that in one of the humvees began to flow water.

I had to send a rescue boat to tow the failed equipment to the shore.

The initiative to arrange a RAID in the Kerch Strait belonged to the organization of “Military-technical society”. It was assumed that the old armored vehicles passed through the Strait of Kerch, and then deployed on the BRDM red flags and equipment will descend on the coast of the occupied Crimea. Because of the failure of the landing was crumpled armored vehicles, armored vehicles near Kerch met a few fans of historical restorations.