Shows the interior of the new Volkswagen Golf

Показан интерьер нового Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen has released new sketches of the Golf hatchback of new generation. According to him you can say only one thing – the physical buttons in the cabin are missing a little less than full.

First of all, in the eye catches a large screen multimediasystem, almost fused with the virtual dashboard. And also dramatically reduced the number of physical buttons: in fact, on the front panel were only five buttons grouped into a block between the thin ducts. Apparently, control of most features, including climate control, transferred to a Central touchscreen and the spokes of the steering wheel, which also got a new design. It is possible that at least two buttons represent a trendy touch pad. It seems that the “sensor” and replaced the traditional control unit lighting, located to the left of the steering wheel. In addition, the new Golf will be deprived of the traditional selector of an automatic transmission: hard to see on the sketches the lever is more like a joystick.

It is interesting that the document which was published sketches, also gives information about the range of “eighth” of Golf. The lineup will remain petrol, diesel and gas modification. Besides, there will be a “mild” hybrid with 48-volt electrical system and a complete rechargeable hybrid. But pure electric variant the e-Golf will be no more: it will replace Volkswagen new ID.3. Also called into question a universal, but the charged version of the Golf GTI and Golf R have been announced in the United States.