Shutdown in the United States: trump has proposed a new compromise

Шатдаун в США: Трамп предложил новый компромисс

The American Chapter Donald trump has made another proposal to the Democrats to end the shutdown in the country. He called them “common sense compromise”, but they are already in absentia was rejected by the representatives of the Democratic party, according to ONLINE.UA with reference to Associated Press.

In the framework of the compromise proposal trump has agreed to make concessions on the issue of illegal migrant children. He is ready to promise three years of legislative protection that will allow them to obtain social insurance, work legally and to avoid the deportation.

It should be noted that currently, “the Dreamers” (the Dreamers) – in the United States as children of illegal immigrants protected from deportation under the program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which was launched the previous President of the United States Barack Obama. This program allows them to work, but not to obtain citizenship. Trump tries to close the program.

Trump also proposed to extend for a further three years the temporary status of migrants, which it is about to expire.

However, he continues to insist that the US budget was allocated 5.7 billion to Finance a wall on the border with Mexico. He has previously said that it will not be a concrete wall with a length of 2 thousand miles from sea to sea, and steel barriers at strategic locations, which will block the path of criminals and organized gangs in the United States.

Your compromise trump voiced in the course of emergency treatment from the White house, but Democrats who oppose the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, said he would not go to this agreement, called “concessions,” the US President is unacceptable. In the Senate a compromise trump’s plan to consider next week.

Recall the shutdown in the United States lasted from December 22. Due to a technical lack of funding U.S. government agencies a large number of state institutions are closed and their employees sent on leave at own expense. Last Saturday, the shutdown has broken the record for duration in the history of the United States.