Siemens learned how to save electricity in the stones

В Siemens научились сохранять электроэнергию в камнях

A subsidiary of Siemens – Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica – announced the completion of construction and commissioning of thermal storage to store electricity. The main feature of this project was the conservation of energy in the volcanic rocks.

As reported 4PDA, experimental plant is called ETES (electric thermal energy storage) and placed it in Hamburg (Germany).

How does the new development? The power generated by the wind farm is converted into hot air, which is used to heat about a thousand tons of volcanic rock to a temperature of 600 degrees. Special protective embankment and a thermally insulated cover to prevent heat loss, so that it can be stored for weeks or even longer.

В Siemens научились сохранять электроэнергию в камнях

The principle of operation of ETES

The manufacturer claims that experimental setup is able to accumulate and store up to 120 megawatt-hours.

If necessary, the accumulated thermal energy is converted back into electricity using a steam turbine. Its plan to sell the local utility company Hamburg Energie.

В Siemens научились сохранять электроэнергию в камнях

The inscription on ETES “Welcome to new stone age”

Plans for the future. Plans Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica use new technology for storing energy in stone in commercial projects, increasing the capacity and capability of the drive. The company intends in the near future therefore to keep a few gigawatt-hours.

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