Signals about the health problems that the body takes during sleep

Сигналы о проблемах со здоровьем, которые организм подает во сне

During sleep the body can be very active, and often its activity is to diagnose certain health problems. So, they can honk snoring, sweating, gnashing of teeth and other symptoms.

Snoring. If snoring only appears from time to time, grounds for concern. But the constant loud snoring may indicate sleep apnea – a dangerous syndrome in which the person occurs stop breathing. Such pauses without breathing very harmful and dangerous for the brain because impaired blood oxygen saturation. There is evidence that sleep apnea contributes to the development of dementia, increases the risk of stroke.

Sweat. Pronounced sweating at night can be a symptom of many problems. For example, hormonal disorders, malfunctions of the thyroid gland, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

Grinding the teeth (bruxism). It occurs at night in connection with spasm of masticatory muscles that a sleeping man can’t control. Bruxism often develops on the background of strong psychological stress, and can also be a sign that the person suffers from high anxiety, prone to panic attacks.

Muscle spasms in the legs. Sharp cramps in the calf muscle may occur due to physical overload or lack of water in the body. But at the same time it causes can be something more serious. For example, these spasms can lead anemia, deficiency of calcium and magnesium, arthritis.

Speaking. If talking in your sleep become a frequent occurrence, it is best to visit a doctor and tell him about it. This phenomenon can be related to degenerative diseases of the nervous system – Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia.

Going to the toilet. Repeated night awakenings to visit the toilet can talk about cystitis and bladder stones, and overactive bladder. To hide behind such activity can be very dangerous violations – for example, neurological disorders and traumatic brain injury, tumors of the bladder, diabetes.

Cough. Severe night cough – a frequent symptom of asthma, and diseases of the cardiovascular system.